Quality Engineer Heidi Rönkkö


I am an environmental technology engineer and have also completed mechanical engineering studies. Last summer, I also completed a master's degree in technology competence management programme. Throughout my career, I have worked in quality management at several industrial companies. In other words, I have been able to operate in a wide range of operational environments, quality management and occupational health and safety areas.

I started at Škoda Transtech in early 2020 and the current job attracted me especially because of possibility to focus more on the development of quality management systems in my role. The halving of my commute time compared to the previous one is a plus, and our team has also proved to be excellent!

My work includes e.g. scheduling the internal audits and the process reviews, acting as a lead auditor as part of the internal auditing team, supporting organization´s various functions in developing operating procedures and organizing training activities related to quality and quality systems. In my opinion, a good working day is such that I can move agreed issues forward. If I am able to help others, it will further improve my own working day. Social interaction over a tea/coffee pot with our five-person team is also important.

As my age and experience have gained, I have become more demanding and resilient, so I don´t give up easily! That's why I feel proud when we manage to implement a new way of working after a long process!

If I were to advise myself at the beginning of my career now, I'd say that all the work experience you get, you'll be able to use them in new tasks. E.g. during my studies I did assembling work and I recognized that the job was not meant for me, but I appreciate those who do that work. It is good for everyone to identify their own strengths and those tasks, which make you to get excited and to develop yourself.

On my spare time, I like to relax at home to counterbalance working time. I live by the lake with my husband and with a delightful cat and two dogs.