From welder to foreman of welding: Aleksi Karppinen

 I have let my life to lead me, and I have not planned my career much in advance. I have always been interested in the metal industry and I am used to doing a lot with my hands since I was very young, which is why I applied for welding education. Since then I have also graduated as a machinist.

I have worked as a welder at Škoda Transtech for seven years, and recently I had the opportunity to be a foreman, which I welcomed with interest. During my career, my professional skills have increased continuously and there are plans to study more in the future.

It is important to me that the work has variety. I have been involved in many different projects as a welder and thus have been able to do many different tasks. I have also acted as a heaper, i.e. assembling the parts of the product, from which the welder continues to work. Some of the welder's working day may be pair work and part of the day is working alone. We are working on two hours of work. We have a good international team where things have always been handled either in Finnish or English or also by using gesture language.

To young people, I would say: apply for a job with a good attitude, we will familiarise you with the work here and work teaches the rest. In addition to the cooperation skills, of course we need a steady hand! The welder's work requires first to complete the welding tests and various welding tasks are practiced at the factory. The new employee initially starts with the experienced one and can do many kinds of tasks. Welding advisors are advising and guiding welders and for example supervising the welding tests.

I come from Kajaani and have lived there for my life. To counterbalance my work I do jogging and also enjoy driving enduro.