Our work is meaningful

As a part of Škoda Transtech you have an influence on everyday life of the Finnish travelers. Daily, hundreds of thousands have their faith in the double deck passenger coaches and low-floor trams that we have designed and built. Public transportation is sustainable and ecologic way to travel.

Finnish experts with an international twist

As a part of Škoda Transtech, you are also a part of world-class team of professionals. Our product design, production and products are technically high-class. For example, our low-floored ARCTIC© –tram has been designed especially for demanding track- and weather conditions.


Even though Škoda Transtech is a part of the european network of very skilled workers and experts in their respective fields, we still stand up proudly for finnish work and employment; our product development, manufacturing and maintenance services are situated in Oulu, Otanmäki, Helsinki and Tampere.


In a search of success

We offer career alternatives in a various range of business functions; sales and marketing, designing, production and production planning, maintenance, development, procurement, HSEQ, finance, IT and human resource management. As a part of Škoda Transtech, your opportunities for the personal development are almost limitless. Many of our workers continue assimilating new competencies in a various work assignments throughout the career. At Škoda Transtech, we work as a team, and the respect of each other´s work and skill lead us to the destination. It is not strange to delay the retirement among us.


Safety for sure and well-being as fortune

Your well-being is important to us. We do our best fitting working hours and assignments to your current life situation. Especially those, who must travel a lot for his work, respect our inclusive travel time compensation. We constantly want to develop our safety at work and support cultural and sporty welfare. Most of our workers belong to sickness fund, which comprehensive services are liked. Kainuu offers excellent ground to have hobbies and live in a peace of nature, still being close to services.


Develop your profession with us

We have opportunities of education and self-development for every group of professionals. We support your voluntary education financially and with arrangements to working hours. Many of our workers have continued their studies besides their work and have been placed to new work assignments according their new competencies. We appreciate practical experience besides degrees.