Basic data

Length 27.4 m
Width 3.2 m
Height from the top of rail 5.2 m
Floor heght from the top of rail 55 cm
tare weight 57 t
Maximum speed 200 km/h
Bogies TB201,TB201Edo
Overhead clearance, upper deck 2,18 m

Overhead clearance, lower deck

2,2 m
Number of seats 101 kpl


Service Upper deck Lower deck

Intermediate deck

Air conditoning x x x
Information screens x x x
pressure-tight structure x x x
PC plugs on all seats x x x
MiniBuffer trolley service x x x
Locked luggage lockers x x -
Mobile phone space x - -
GSM/UMTS repeater  x  x
Seat numbers in Braille x x x
Wireless LAN x
Bicycle rack - x -