Cost efficiency

The development of ARTIC™ has been based on overall cost efficiency. This means high reliability and availability of the vehicles, as well as low operation and maintenance costs.

The tram is built on solutions that have been tested, found reliable and further improved to minimise the time during which the vehicles are out of use for maintenance. Surface structures, which get easily damaged in street traffic, can be quickly changed, thanks to the quick-clamping system used. The bodyshell which is made of structural steel and efficiently protected against corrosion lasts for the entire service life of the car and even the most severe accident damage can be easily fixed.

The interior decoration is based on the principles of easy cleanability and durability against vandalism. The components particularly exposed to vandalism are easy and quick to change.

The freely turning bogie and increased flexibility of the suspension system decrease the wear load generated on both wheels and track compared to traditional low-floor trams.

The tram has a highly energy efficient electrical drive where every axle in the tram is a powered axle. A regenerative braking system allows collecting energy that can be used for heating the passenger space. Cars can also be equipped with supercaps for storing braking energy.