Suitable for demanding conditions

ARTIC™ is excellently suited for tram track networks with several small-radius horizontal and vertical curves. To comply with current standards, the entire tram is equipped with a low floor. Thanks to its ingenious structure, the tram combines a full-length low floor with a traditional freely turning bogie under the car, similar to articulatedtrams.
The flexibility of the three stage suspension system and the articulation solution between car sections adapt to the shape of the tram track and maintain even wheel loads and good passenger comfort regardless of the condition of the tram track. The bogie structure efficiently dampens sharp shocks from the tram track, particularly in the winter. The tram runs smoothly and silently even in sharp curves and over switches, which have posed problems for traditional low-floor trams. This means that wear load on the track and wheels are minimal. 

ARTIC™ takes the demanding climate conditions of the North into consideration. The carefully designed platform structure prevents the packing of snow and ice. The accumulation of moisture and condensation water into car structures has been eliminated with meticulous heat insulation and water barriers and moisture dissipation.