Continuous professional job rotation



I am Ville Widgrén, a Project engineer at Oulu office on Aftersales department.

I hold a degree in Master of Science in technology, major in mechanical engineering from Oulu University including partial Master studies at ETH Zürich. It is my eight year at Transtech. I have worked diversely in many positions located in Otanmäki and Oulu offices. Duties so far include: Production planning at our works; Product design in Finnish - Swiss tram bogie development team; Sourcing steel cast components from Europe; Product safety analysis on double decker passenger coaches & trams; Scheduling engineer – creating and implementing scheduling for entire rail vehicle supply chain from customer order via design, sourcing, manufacturing, etc. to maintenance.

Meanwhile I have been working in Helsinki Artic tram RAM follow-up since the beginning of the project. Currently my work consists of various tram calculations, clarifications and analyses regarding trams LCC and RAM properties. I also work as an internal auditor developing Transtech´s operational quality.

What I value in my work is the opportunity to achieve a professional knowledge in the whole Transtech supply chain via insights during my work in different departments. Along the way, I have had the pleasure to learn how expert colleagues think and solve problems - what are their viewpoints in engineering and life.

Most rewarding in my work are those moments, when you get to finalize a difficult project. Especially the granted homologation of the steering coach was a memorable moment. To be honest, also small improvements in company with strong traditions make me smile.

I relax with my dear family and few hobbies. I love nature and maps. I am passionate in orienteering - you can locate me very likely in Jukola relay each year.